Food distribution runs in LH Founder, Craig Sheridan’s veins. Inspired by a love of the business through his grandfather, Bob Sauer who started a successful meat distribution company back in the late 70’s.

For as long as Craig can remember his life has revolved around distribution. Crushing boxes when he was 10, to sales, to the cutting room floor to running the business. Craig has worked in every possible role within distribution. Throughout his years of working within the industry he started to see there was a gap in the market. The once small guys became big guys and what existed was specialty companies and large distributors.

Craig envisioned a company that was food focused, could operate and offer excellent service, provide same day deliveries [Monday - Saturday] while still loving thy farmer, connecting with chefs, and having the ability to be creative within the product portfolio. Craig and his family have now brought this vision to life, say hello to Legends Haul. Their family of entrepreneurs bring unique skills and experience to the table and thrive on starting businesses from the ground up.